Custom-made Branded Keychain

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A custom-made keychain for your employees or as a gift to your customers.

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Creating a memorable brand identity is a big concern for business owners and brand managers. Having branded merchandise to offer for the company employees and as gifts for customers usually comes at a high cost that small-mid size businesses can’t afford. This is no longer an issue with our Custom-made Branded Keychain.

The Branded Keychain is available in 4 colors for you to choose from including, Shiny Silver, Shiny Gold, Matte Yellow, and Glossy Red.

Upon your order, we will create the keychain with a unique design including your logo at the requested quantity.

Product dimensions:

Width: 5cm

Length: 5.6cm

Height: 5mm

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Màu sắc

Matte Yellow, Red, Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver

Bao nhiêu?

10 Pieces, 25 Pieces, 50 Pieces

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