What is 3D Printing?

You may have heard about 3D printing from TV or in a science fiction movie as this magical technology that can create objects from thin air & costs huge sums of money. Luckily, It is 2022 and the reality is different. 3D Printing is becoming widely available and doesn’t cost as much as it used to.

3D Printing, in other words, additive manufacturing is the process of creating 3 dimensional solid objects from digital files. 3D printing is used to create objects layer by layer, unlike the traditional manufacturing methods which use cutting a piece of plastic or injecting molten plastic into a mold.

What can 3D Printing Create?

The power of 3D printing comes from the ability to create small quantities of a specific product in such a short time and at a low cost compared to traditional manufacturing methods which work better for mass production.

Basically, you can get any 3D design printed. There are many types of 3D printers based on various technologies including FDM, SLA & SLS. Each of those technologies has a range of materials that it can print with and limitations as well. The most common type of 3D printers is FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) which many 3D printing services rely on.

3D Printing Uses and Applications

The applications of 3D printing are continuously expanding in many industries, the technology remains limited as a mainstream manufacturing method though. Currently, 3D Printing applications are limited to industrial prototyping and some applications in certain industries such as dental products, architectural maquettes, small tools, eyewear, and a few others.

There has been recent growth in 3D printing applications regarding consumer products. Those applications include home decor, spare parts, small figurines, fan art & custom-made household items.

How to request a custom 3D Print?

If you have an idea or a design, a 3D printing service can review and get a quote for 3D Printing a digital file that you have, or even create a design as an extra service and then provide a quote for the whole design & printing service.

Here are the most common criteria and settings that you should know about to request a 3D Print:

  • Layer Height: Also referred to as Print Resolution. It contributes to the strength of the printed part, the time to produce it, and the visual quality.
  • Infill: The filled inner area of the product. The higher the infill area, the stronger the print will be, the more material it will consume, and the more time it will take to print.
  • Size: The size can only have an impact on the final price as the size of the model to print affects the printing time and the amount of material used.
  • Material: Materials differ in features, and thus differ in uses and applications. Each 3D printing service has a range of materials to choose from or recommend.

Our 3D Printing Service

LEAP 3DP is a Ho Chi Minh city based 3D printing and design service created by Web Leap Garage co. ltd. Mainly, LEAP 3DP provides 3D printed modern and artistic home and office decor, and custom branded office supplies. You can view the full product list offered by LEAP 3DP on this page.

You can also submit a 3D Printing request online via this page. Once a request is submitted, it will be reviewed by a 3D Printing expert who will get in touch later with a quote.

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